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History of Tirupur :

        Tirupur, the banian town of India, has time and again played an important role and made its indelible mark in the pages of History, be it its epical connection to the Mahabharata or the Indian independence struggle or in the present industrial scenario It is believed that the Indian epical heroes, the pandavas of the mahabaratha, has visited the now trippur during the period of exile. The Shiva lingam, in the temple at Avinashi, 12 Kms from trippur, was made and offered prayers by the pandavas. There wouldn’t be a single Indian who is unaware of the courageous and patriotic Indian freedom fighter, Kumaran, who has hailed from Tirupur. Tirupur Kumaran, as came to be known later, gave his life valiantly fighting for the noble cause of the Indian independence and in doing so brought more fame to the already renowned town of trippur. A century back, the main occupation of the inhabitants of the tirupr was making vessels. Though this industry has lost its eminence now, one could still see quite a few vessels manufacturing units has lost its eminence now, one could still see quite a few vessel manufacturing units in Anuparpalayam on the outskirts of the Tirupur. Infact the other belt, as one travels from Chennai to Tirupur is in one way or the other famous for one industry or the other. The name a few, Chennai is the state capital and the business capital. Coming down further, Katpadi with its leather industry, Salem is the steel plant; erode with its handloom and textile industry. Tirupur with its knitwear industry and Coimbatore, famous for its machine tools and engineering works, all have their own flourishing business and trade eminence .      

Industrial information:

          Modern knitting technology had its beginning in 1589, when Rev.W.Lee developed his knitting frame in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom. Development of modern knitting technology was thereafter first adopted in the United Kingdom and Europe. The first knitting unit in India was established in 1893 near Khiderpore docks in Calcutta. Since then the knitting industry has begun expanding in and around Calcutta, Narayangunj and Pabna in undivided Bengal, Tirupur in South India and then expanded to Ludhiana in Punjab. The knitting industry is now an important segment of the Indian Textile industry. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that it consumes about 1/6th of all fibre yarn output of textile industry in India. Being basically a labour intensive industry, it is confined to small scale sector and is highly decentralized in its operations. Government of India brought cotton and woolen hosiery industry under reservation for small scale industries sector during 1979. Today there are about 3000 banian factories manufacturing vests and briefs, over 500 export units and other ancillary units. In addition to the above, several hundreds of families are doing the small card board boxes manufacturing in their own houses for use by local banian manufactures. The industry employs nearly one lakh of labour force directly and about 50 thousand indirectly in the units. A strikingly noteworthy feature of knitwear exports is that it had spectacular growth over a relatively short period. From a moderate level of 300 crores of rupees in 1990, exports of knitwear from Tirupur have registered a remarkable increase of over 4000 crores in 1999.

Tirupur Town....

          The population of Tirupur, at present is around 8 lakhs, half of which is floating one.Tirupur,covering an area of approx.25sq kms.,has 15 hotels and restuarants of medium and star category,40 movie halls,and branches of almost all Indian Banks.Good Transport and communication facilities connect Tirupur to most of the important and intersting places around the country. Weather: Weather of Tirupur is normally bright and sunny in the day and pleasently cool and breezy in the evenings. The monsoon season is from October till December. The best season to visit Tirupur is between November and March. The temperature in Tirupur varies between 18 deg. C and 40 deg. C depending on the season.

Road Connection from Tirupur

  • Bangalore (310 kms from trippur), the garden city of India.

  • Chennai (470 kms) - The state capital and business center.

  •  Coimbatore (60 kms) Manchester of India and the nearest airport from Tirupur.

  • Madurai (179 kms), the temple city.

  • Mysore (200 kms), the charming palace town of south India .

  • Ooty (106 kms), the queen of hill stations Coonoor (90 kms) -  hill stations , scientific institutes , park, botanical gardens etc.,

  • Kodai kanal (110 kms), from Tirupur.

  • A hill resort with lakes , boating, orchodarium etc…

  • Cochin and Earnakulam A port from where major export consignments from Tirupur are shipped .


Air Connect :

Though Tirupur doesn’t have its own airport, but Coimbatore (one hour drive from Tirupur) has an airport and has frequent flights from all major cities in India. The information given in the following tables may change.

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Rail Connect:

Information from Railways...